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"Be yourself" they said. You’ll get laid they said.


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when you stay up all night doing hw and the teacher doesn’t collect it


omg this is how I feel when I get points deducted for entering an answer incorrectly, EVEN IF THE ANSWER IS CORRECT, on that bullshit mastering chemistry online homework system. 

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#possibly the best moment in this movie really tho #zero people were expecting that

Everybody else was using highly trained skills and shit, Hulk was like fuck that, went straight street on his ass.

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This will be remembered for years. Iconic.

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Omg I accidentally put nair on the small area I already tested it on. 

never again.






People love to forget Michael Jackson’s blackness

people love to think that Michael Jackson forgot his blackness


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Meeting with my professor like

"About this grade…."


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  • Parent: what does a cow say?
  • Baby: "moo!"
  • Parent: yes! And what does a sheep say?
  • Baby: "baah!"
  • Parent: yay! And what does a pig say?
  • Baby: *whistles* "damn babygirl u a fine piece'a ass wanna hop n my car n ill drive ya to pound town!!"

don’t know what happened but driving home I all of sudden got dizzy or something. I had to pull over. I felt like I was rolling backwards?? Is that vertigo?? Really don’t understand what happened. Is this related to any of my psychological disorders??


talking to white people about reverse racism


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so I’m talking to 5 dudes right now from grindr/tinder at the same time. which one do I pick

candidate #1: white dude that is really sweet, he’s queer, and is studying film. he’s very progressive and our politics are similar. he’s like 21 and super cute.

candidate #2: paki dude that’s shitte muslim. business major at my uni. tried to hook up with me once by bringing beer to my house? idk he’s cute though. he’s like 19. maybe we can have a queer muslim wedding?

candidate #3: white dude that’s a statistics professor at a prestigious university (he’s only 23), going for PhD. he’s a jock and masc kind of dude but really sweet. 

candidate #4: colombian dude. don’t know much of him actually. he’s really hot. had a boyfriend when I met him. but out of the blue he sends me a text message today??? he’s like 22. 

candidate #5: cute guy super sweet. graduated with a poli sci degree. is really into me. wants to date, long term relationship oriented. only one I actually hooked up with making out & stuff.

maybe I should just pick by who can give me an orgasm by just hitting my g-spot.. whoops. that was vulgar.