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I’m moving to Chicago in a week.

I’m basically going to be living in Chicago for the summer. Still not sure if I’m going to stay there or come back to Spain, all depending on what would be cheaper. 

What’s been worrying me is how am I going to make friends? Where does one make friends? Where does one find people to date? What are some cool organizations where I can attend meetings and start organizing again? So many questions!!

That one time I was in France for one hour. Il n’y avait personne qui pouvait parler français avec moi. Y’all I didn’t even pose for this photo that’s how queer & awesome I am. 

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Does anyone want to donate research papers on how democracy is flawed and on the creation of a central global government?

I need to turn in 2 research papers in 3 days. I haven’t started any of them. My professor doesn’t even read them. I have to dedicate my time to studyingggg.


selfie rule #1: never pass an opportunity to outshine the rest

that’s how you fucking die

people don’t understand tornado safety


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reblog if you’re the gay cousin

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I wonder what would happen if I desexualize my life. I feel like it’s a bit hypersexualized… is that a word in the English language?  Like what would happen if I become a little bit more conservative with my sexuality. For example, unfollow porn blogs on tumblr (lol), delete gay apps on phone, not talk about sex so openly, and not look at pictures of hot men only covering their dicks hahaha.

Would that be repressing myself sexually??? Probably. I don’t know, I think I have too much of that catholic guilt thing in me??? But I feel like so much sex in my life is kinda gross??? Like I get tired of it sometimes. MAYBE CUZ I DON’T GET ANY?


me at parties

This is from the German movie Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. It’s about new left wing terrorism in the 60s & 70s in Germany. These people were left wing folk that turned into terrorists in the name of bringing down imperialism and capitalism. 

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me showing uncultured tourists spain

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